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There is nothing basic about our products. Exclusive ingredients, luxurious commodities, and a lavish experience are what we strive for.

Exclusive Wholeness Wellness

We are different from the average CBD company. Instead of cutting quality to cut costs, we keep the potency, improve the customer experience, and offer a wide range of luxurious CBD products for just a little more money.

Our customers don’t mind paying a little extra to get a lot more. With CBD, there are many imitators out there, and it’s not worth saving a dime and getting less. We’ve seen companies sell lower-than-advertised potency, higher than legal THC content, and terrible tasting, stale gummies.

When you shop with Exclusive Wholeness Wellness – You get the BEST!

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Why do our products use CBD?

CBD has only recently become a widespread phenomenon. On top of CBD becoming more accessible, its benefits are starting to be understood. CBD products are becoming more advanced every day, and with those advancements comes greater bioavailability and a better experience in the end. We want to keep this process moving so our customers can get the most out of this fantastic element!

What sets Exclusive Wholeness Wellness apart?

There are many secrets to our success, but to start, we are entirely transparent. We don’t manipulate our prices to trick customers into buying. We don’t use low-quality products and charge a premium price. Instead, we verify our products with a certificate of analysis, charge a little more than the other guys, and pay our employees well.

Because we operate this way, our customers get a luxurious, premium product. Our staff is knowledgeable because they can make their job a career, and because they are happy, they provide better service. All of this leads to an Exclusive Wholeness Wellness experience.